Yes! I want to know where the candidates for Colorado school boards stand.


We have asked school board candidates in several Colorado school districts important questions on public education. Become better informed by finding out where they stand on the issues. We asked candidates for Adams-Arapahoe School District 28J (Aurora Public Schools), Boulder Valley School District RE-2, Colorado Springs School District 11, Jefferson County School District R-1, Northglenn-Thornton School District 12 (Adams 12), and Poudre School District R-1.


What We Asked About

Standards, Accountability, and Transparency

Do you support holding all charter schools, including online charter schools, to the same standards of accountability and transparency as all public schools?

Do you support national education standards to ensure consistent and strong proficiency in vital subjects, or should states and local districts set their own?

Will you commit to 100% compliance with the letter and spirit of the Colorado Open Meetings Law, and discuss all official business with fellow board members in public, as the law requires?

School Funding

Do you support the use of taxpayer funds directly or indirectly paying for private schools, including sectarian religious schools?


Do you support the teaching of science-based, medically accurate and age-appropriate sexuality education that includes information on abstinence, contraception, cultural differences, sexual orientation, and gender identity in public schools?

Do you support the distribution of the Healthy Kids Colorado Survey on an opt-out basis, an opt-in basis, or not at all?

Do you support confidentiality for minor students with regard to mental health, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, and prenatal care?

Should students be required to be vaccinated against preventable childhood diseases to attend school in Colorado unless the family opts-out for religious reasons?

Should there be a vaccination opt-out available for personal non-religious beliefs?

Do you support allocating resources to create spaces for students to discuss and create plans of action regarding family crises?

School Discipline

Do you support reducing referrals to law enforcement for minor infractions committed by students, especially younger students?

Do you support the implementation of anti-bullying and safe school programs that are sensitive to a range of physical and psychological disorders, as well as sexual orientation and gender identity?

Student Clubs and Non-Discrimination

Do you think that non-curricular student clubs should have access to all the resources provided to other curricular student clubs?

Do you believe students and adults should be protected from discrimination based on their actual or perceived sexual orientation and/or gender identity?

Collective Bargaining

Will you commit to good-faith negotiations with your local education association to produce an employment contract acceptable to all stakeholders?


Do you support undocumented students in your district being able to apply for, and access, DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals)?